About me

At first I thought an "About Me" page was sort of redundant, because this whole blog is pretty much about me. But then I wondered, is there actually such a thing as too much me? And I'm pretty sure the answer is, "heck no!"

Just kidding.

Anyway, I was born and currently live in Austin, Texas. Although I went to college in North Carolina; worked at a law firm in Washington, D.C.; and taught high school, got my masters degree, and met my adorable husband in New York City.

That adorable husband and I have two (even more adorable!) little girls. They are super loud, just ask our neighbors. We also have a cute dog who is scared of loud noises (which, yeah. Me too). So while I think our family is kind of adorable, I KNOW our family is excessively loud and spends unusual amounts of time hiding under covers and/or in small spaces in our house. But, you know, we make it work.

You can contact me on twitter at @laurabeth57 or via email at laurabeth57 (at) gmail (dot) com.

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