Tuesday, August 11, 2015

College is for coloring, mostly

Fun Fact #1

My lowest grades in college were not in Organic Chemistry, or Calculus, or Cell Biology. No. My lowest grades were in some stupid sociology of aging class and some almost but not quite as stupid English class about gender. They sound easy and silly, right? They were. And the teachers weren't very good or interesting or particularly compelling (or talented). In fact, I doodled my way through most of the English class. And when I asked what my grade was based on, because it was lower than my essays, my teacher emailed back and said, my paricipation grade brought it down! Because I doodled during class! I totally participated. I just doodled. Yeah. That happened.

I want to email her that fun fact from PBS!

But I forgot her name. I think it was Insecrity Pants Doo Doo Head McGee. But when I looked that up in the staff directory, I found nada. Probably because she never got tenure. Figures. I think she was a visiting TA from UNC anyway. Also figures. My other professors were way awesomer.

I didn't even bother emailing that sociology professor.

Fun Fact #2

I realized by then that some things were more important than grades. Like holding onto a bitterness about your stupid grade and/or your stupid professor(s). Even for over a decade. And also, your amazing doodling skills.

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