Monday, July 20, 2015

How to be the most prepared parent: purse edition

I decided to organize my purse by putting everything into make-up type bags. That way, I can switch purses really easily. Also, everything is all neat and organized. It is a win-win. There are some cute pouches on Etsy (like this one, below) and some cheap ones at Forever 21.

Anyway, I have one totally dedicated to being the most prepared parent, ever. Just kidding. It isn’t a competition. But one time, Hannah took off a bandaid and her arm was all red and awful looking where the sticky part was. I was like, oh shoot. I wish I had some hydrocortisone. And I got home and hit Amazon like a woman on a mission.

They have these little packets for first aid kits. 

You can get Neosporin-like packets. You can get packets for burns (I keep a couple of those in my bathroom where I curl my hair. Because curling irons will scar, you guys. They don’t mess around.). There’s wet wipes, sting relief wipes, alcohol wipes, iodine wipes, I don’t even know why you would use one iodine instead of alcohol or plain old wipes. But the point is, YOU HAVE THEM IN YOUR PURSE. Someone is like, does anybody have any iodine? You’re like, I DO! because you're the best parent in the world! So maybe my four-year old might flip out every morning at the prospect of wearing clothes on the bottom half of her body. But I am prepared for emergency surgery at the Zoo. (BTW, you can buy a travel scalpel on Amazon. Just sayin’. It isn’t in my first aid bag, but it was in my “Amazon suggested items list." That is when I knew I had been searching too long and too far. I could just buy a couple more bandaids and call it a day.)

I also got a small, weekly pill organizer for things like benadryl, sudafed, ibuprofen, etc in each day.  If a pill isn’t somehow obviously labeled, I’d recommend printing out and taping on the inside of the pill organizer lid what it is and what the dose is. Because when I was living in NYC, I was taking Ambien, and then they made a generic for it. And it looked just like my prescription allergy medicine. I mean, identical. You have to be really careful sometimes about some pills, is my point. 

Of course, I also have a non-medical emergencies bag. Because when you have small kids, everything is an emergency. As in, they are thirsty. For example. Or, their foot itches, but they can’t scratch it because their shoe!!!  But this bag is for things like Shout Wipes, pony tail holders, hand cleaner, safety pins, chapstick, you know, stuff like that. (In the summer, it’s not a bad idea to throw in a sunscreen stick and some mosquito repellent, like some Cutter wipes, in case you something bizarre happens to your regular stash in your car, swim bag, etc.)

I also keep some cute, unlined, polka dot notebooks from the Target dollar bin for the girls to draw in during long waits. Between all that, I’m pretty much prepared for anything. Seriously. Anything. Zombie Apocalypse? I’m on it. I have Shout Wipes and safety pins, okay?

Just kidding. But I’d be interested in any cool things other parents keep in their purses. (That’s right, dads can carry a purse too. A murse (man purse), if you will. Or a bag of some sort. We don’t judge here.)


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