Thursday, March 26, 2015

Little Kid Seat Belts Are for Winners

Hannah is getting to the age where she can tell that her parents aren’t as “cool” as some of the other parents. For instance, she has figured out (Lord only knows HOW?) that some of her friends use adult seat belts and some of her friends are, like her and her sister, still in little kid seat belts. So not cool.

I know you can move kids to a booster seat when they are four years old or forty pounds, but we stay in the safest seat possible (cough, we were extended rear facers, cough). So we are staying in car seats until the girls outgrow them. So even though the girls are four and forty, as are most of their PreK friends, they are still buckling up with little kid seat belts.  And thanks to Hannah I know exactly which of her friends are also in little kid seat belts.

She wanted to know WHY?! So I told her because we love her more than some of her friend’s parents. Obviously.


But her friend Brooke was in a car accident this morning. Luckily, she is in the little kid seat belt group. Hopefully the car accident wasn’t seriously. And she is okay. But I was relieved to know she was in the not-cool parents club.


  1. Tell her that her "adult" responsibility back there is to help mommy & daddy watch for danger from the rear of the car. Besides, she can actually see FACES instead back of heads!

    Great "glam" photo!

  2. In reading my comment above it comes to mind (even in my old age) that I am learning "positive parenting" FROM MY 'KIDS'"

    AND in re-reading your original blog I NOW understand that "four and forty" means age and height, NOT "age (Maggie) and age (Hannah)".

    The other day I saw a boat in our marina: "Ana Banana".

    Grins and hugs.