Sunday, October 5, 2014


So fall is pretty much my favorite. Even though the Texas version of fall is basically weak sauce. But I promise, our leaves will change colors and fall off by Christmas or something. But it doesn’t even matter. Because PUMPKINS! (and my birthday, and thanksgiving, and it is all part of this seasonal crescendo that culminates in Christmas. And it is filled with decorations and family and seasonal drinks and what is not to love?!)

I pretty much start decorating for fall September first. But I ease into it. Like I don’t get the Halloween stuff out until October. That sort of thing. And you can't buy too many pumpkins on 9/1 or they will be super rotten by Thanksgiving. Take it from me.

Hannah didn’t want to go to Target and Starbucks with me, just Maggie.
It is like, I’m not even sure how to tell if Hannah is even related to me.

Anyway, I also hold off on the pumpkin spice latte until the air gets a little crisp. Because who wants to Instagram their PSL when it is 100 degrees out? It just feels weird, am I right?
And we went to our first pumpkin patch. The first because, I love pumpkin patches. And also because Cork was working and who wants to miss out on this kind of cuteness? NO ONE. That is who. So there will be more pumpkins. Oh yes. There will be more pumpkins.
Maggie is totally going to pick up this pumpkin by herself

When did Hannah get so big?!?!?!

here is a shot the Austin American Statesman got of Maggie 

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  1. Aw, Hannah does look SO BIG! Love the shot of Maggie with the pumpkin on her head. :)