Saturday, August 9, 2014

Nap Buddies

Ever since we first got Tybalt, he has been moving in on my territory as Maggie’s nap buddy. If there is one thing I love, it is taking naps. In fact, sometimes I try to convince Maggie to go take a nap by laying down with her; then I will fall asleep, and she’ll get out of bed. So of course, Cork will go upstairs and find the girls are playing in the play room while I’m taking a nap. And let’s just say he doesn’t nominate me for parent of the year

It’s okay though. I’ll forgive Tybalt for taking my favorite job from me. They make pretty cute nap buddies. And while he is asleep, he can’t chew on my shoes (in his defense, he hasn’t done that in a long time).

One of the major reasons we got a bigger dog was because we felt like Maggie just needed something her own size. You know, something a little too big to try to ride like a pony. (Poor Junebug)

I think we made a good choice.


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