Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hair cuts and heart break

I took the girls to get their first haircuts yesterday. I drove all the way to Cedar Park (30 minutes away, okay, I guess it's not that big of a deal) to someone who specializes in curly hair. Turns out Hannah doesn't even have curly hair anymore. WHAT?! True story. It'll probably get wavier when she gets in high school, but her baby curls are gone. GONE.

she looks like an adult. I mean, really.

This was her a year ago, I mean, seriously, curls just disappear? that is a thing?

Maggie, is another story. She still has her cute little waves and ringlets. And she is none too pleased. I wasn't even allowed to take her picture. She wants to go back tomorrow and get them all cut off. (?!) And it broke my heart. She was putting on her shoes this morning and told me, "I hate my hair! I don't want my curls! they are crazy!" She is three, you guys! Ugh. Break my heart.


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