Saturday, June 21, 2014

Ignorant people hating the Common Core and also racism

So I was around a bunch of education people, as I often am, doing education stuff. And close to our conference room(s) were a number of old white guys (and a handful of gals) doing something Fox News ish. Out of curiosity, a brave soul asked one of them what they were up to. Because it seemed sort of wild, in a really old, white guy kind of way. No joke. I even saw one of them dressed like Benjamin Franklin talking about how their values were being threatened. It was like if you took the Fox News demographic and put them in a room and started using some of their softer talking points (I never heard any mention of “Benghazi” or “jamming stuff down our throats” but lots of “Patriotism!” and “values!” and such).

In no time, his discussion veered into the “kids these days” and patriotism and ‘Merica an such. And too much time is spent on MLK and not enough on George Washington. (because history is a zero-sum game; it is basically a celebrity death match between white and black historical figures. and the white ones are losing??! I’m sorry, what text book are these old guys reading?) Also, the textbooks are teaching Abraham Lincoln all wrong (you know, state’s rights, instead of slavery. because historical accuracy???!). At this point, I made some wide eye contact with my coworker that, yeah, this was really happening. And before we could excuse ourselves to the less-racist side of the lobby, this lady chimed in: Yes! I agree! Because I’m a republican! And that is why I don’t want them forcing those awful Common Core standards on us here in Texas!”


The Common Core. Which doesn’t even have social studies standards.

But let’s keep those awful, non-existent social studies standards out of Texas anyway. 

Because she is a republican, gosh darn it! 

There is no excuse for that. Google is your friend, okay? How does somebody get so worked up over something that doesn’t even exist? Something she's clearly never researched or read? That is unacceptable. Unacceptable but unsurprising. Especially from someone who wants to keep white supremacy in our text books...

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