Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father’s day gift idea: make your own picture book for kids

Eat your heart out Shutterfly. The girls made their very own pictures books for Cork for Father’s Day and they turned out super cute!

First we bought these Create Your Own Bitty Books.
from Amazon
I love these things! They are hardcover books that are totally white (they even come with markers and stickers). I first got them for Hannah after she made a book for her beloved daycare teacher, Miss Magen, who left her sweet kiddos for medical school. It had a bunch of pictures of Hannah and her teacher and was made of poster paper (hot pink, natch) and held together with ribbon. She took it with her everywhere (and slept with it by her bed) until she got though the hardest days (and nights) of missing Miss Magen. Which, luckily, was about as long as that poor book lasted before it started to fall apart. But that book totally got her excited about book making. She started making books all on her own. Books about opposites. Books about numbers.  Books about whatever she feels like, gosh. But making your own book has a lot of disadvantages (they fall apart, you think two pages will be next two each other, but you thought wrong! stuff like that).

The Bitty Books are pretty tiny (they aren’t lying when they say “bitty”). But it’s cool. Actually, if you are doing what we did for father’s day, a slightly bigger book would have been a little cooler because it’s 4x5, which is slightly smaller than most pictures. But have no fear! Walgreens lets you get wallet-sized pictures. Which was perfect for this! I got a bunch of my (and Cork’s, obviously) favorite pictures of him and the girls printed in wallet size. The down side is, those pictures are more expensive than 4x6 prints. The up side is, you get four of them on a print! So you can bring them to work and write a little notes on the back to your coworker with silly, inside jokes and such, and then trade them for your coworkers wallet sized pictures. And then put them in your wallet-sized picture keeper, which you conveniently held on to since 1996. I mean, do people still have those in their wallet? Maybe they do. I’ll shut up.
wallet-sized pictures after the girls cut one out for their photo books
Anyway, they turned out super cute! The only hard part was, I left some of the stuff with my mom so they could work on them with her (so Cork couldn’t see). And Hannah and Maggie look so much alike, nobody couldn’t tell who was who in some of the pictures without my help. Remember this? Those two. Goodness. But we sorted it out. Literally.

So it was a lot of fun! And felt more personal for the girls than some fancy schmancy printed book that doesn’t even come with jewel stickers. 

Anyway, happy father’s day to all the dad’s out there! I know we’ve got a great one. This is us celebrating father’s day (Texas style) with my dad and Cork with some breakfast tacos.
at Juan in a Million.
And here’s last year's father’s day post with lots a super cute pictures of my super cute husband. We lucked out with him, he’s kind of the best.

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