Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Texas. Sometimes we're evidence based. Most of the time we're not.

You what is weird? Texas.

Like sometimes we are like, we do what we want, Pew! Pew! Pew!Pew!Pew! And sometimes we are like, well, actually, according to the latest research in best practices.. *pauses to adjust monocle*

Like check this out. This is from Texas Administrative Code related to minimum standards in day care.

RULE §746.2805
What types of discipline and guidance or punishment are prohibited?
There must be no harsh, cruel, or unusual treatment of any child.
The following types of discipline and guidance are prohibited:
(1) Corporal punishment or threats of corporal punishment;
(2) Punishment associated with food, naps, or toilet training;
(3) Pinching, shaking, or biting a child;
(4) Hitting a child with a hand or instrument;
(5) Putting anything in or on a child's mouth;
(6) Humiliating, ridiculing, rejecting, or yelling at a child;
(7) Subjecting a child to harsh, abusive, or profane language;
(8) Placing a child in a locked or dark room, bathroom, or closet with the door closed; and
(9) Requiring a child to remain silent or inactive for inappropriately long periods of time for the child's age.

It actually goes on have some really great suggestions for disciplining little kids:

RULE §746.2803
What methods of discipline and guidance may a caregiver use? 
A caregiver may only use positive methods of discipline and guidance that encourage self-esteem, self-control, and self-direction, which include at least the following:
(1) Using praise and encouragement of good behavior instead of focusing only upon unacceptable behavior;
(2) Reminding a child of behavior expectations daily by using clear, positive statements;
(3) Redirecting behavior using positive statements; and
(4) Using brief supervised separation or time out from the group, when appropriate for the child's age and development, which is limited to no more than one minute per year of the child's age.

(in other words, per number four, if your Texas daycare provider keeps your kid in from recess as a punishment, they just broke the law)

I mean, number three is GREAT. In other words say, "we use gentle touches" instead of "No hitting!" because "no hitting" requires double processing (We don't hit? okay, so then what do I do?) which is twice as hard for them, at least, and it emphasizes the negative behavior, reinforcing it in their mind.

I mean, who wrote this stuff?! A wizard? A genius?

And then there is this. 

Texas Education Code Sec. 37.0011. USE OF CORPORAL PUNISHMENT
(a) In this section, "corporal punishment" means the deliberate infliction of physical pain by hitting, paddling, spanking, slapping, or any other physical force used as a means of discipline. The term does not include:
(1) physical pain caused by reasonable physical activities associated with athletic training, competition, or physical education; or
(2) the use of restraint as authorized under Section 37.0021. (b) If the board of trustees of an independent school district adopts a policy under Section 37.001(a)(8) under which corporal punishment is permitted as a method of student discipline, a district educator may use corporal punishment to discipline a student unless the student's parent or guardian or other person having lawful control over the student has previously provided a written, signed statement prohibiting the use of corporal punishment as a method of student discipline. (c) To prohibit the use of corporal punishment as a method of student discipline, each school year a student's parent or guardian or other person having lawful control over the student must provide a separate written, signed statement to the board of trustees of the school district in the manner established by the board. (d) The student's parent or guardian or other person having lawful control over the student may revoke the statement provided to the board of trustees under Subsection (c) at any time during the school year by submitting a written, signed revocation to the board in the manner established by the board.

No hitting kids. Until they start public school. Then hitting is totes on the table. Unless the parent has opted out of their child getting hit. Luckily most larger urban districts (like Austin) have policies that prohibit it. But still.

The blue states prohibit corporal punishment in school. God bless beating children, I guess.
The blue countries prohibit beating your kids, I mean corporal punishment in school. The green countries prohibit beating your kids at home too.

Anyway. I guess I'm just having second thoughts about my kids leaving daycare, is all. Not that they are going to get any beatings from their teacher in public school or anything. It's just. You know. The wizards and the geniuses appear to be making the daycare rules. And that is comforting.


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