Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Flower girls!

Someone who isn't completely self absorbed might label this post, "The wedding!" but, omg, let's be real, this was totally about the flower girls! Just kidding.

In all seriousness, my brother got married to someone really awesome, and we are all excited to have Katherine in our family. And Hannah seems to think that baby cousins (plural) are going to materialize any day now (because that is what comes after marriage, obviously). And almost as exciting, the girls got to get their hair done two days in a row (and then Hannah asked to get her hair done again on Sunday. To "celebrate the babies." of course.) And they got to get their nails done. (Some of them several times, ahem, Maggie, because they couldn't stop smudging them.) All in all, it was a magical weekend.

Maggie's hair looked awesome before her car seat nap. And then when she decided to pull out the bobby pins and flower hair clips. Also, she didn't feel like walking down the aisle. Oh, three-year olds.

Hannah and her Nana

almost all of the photos via my awesome new brother in law

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