Monday, March 31, 2014

Our Last Day at Our First School

Today was pretty emotional for me. It was the girls’ last day at their preschool. Those teachers, classmates, and parents are like a second family to us. The decision to leave was really hard for me. I can’t even write about it. I just. Here are pictures.

This is Maggie’s teacher who gives her the adorable pig tails and
braids that I can never replicate on my own.
(the bun I did as a lice-prevention measure, if Miss India did it, it would have looked way cuter)

And then she had all the kids make this poster. Gosh. I just, I can’t. So many feels.

And she taught both the girls when they were babies. BABIES!!

And Hannah’s teachers had the kids make this for her.  Goodness.

oh my goodness, we are going to miss her so much.
And we already miss Brittane who is on maternity leave.
She was Hannah’s teacher in the very beginning and end.
She is also super smart. Like most of the teachers here. This school is really awesome.
GAH. this is hard. 


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