Friday, March 28, 2014

Big Decisions and Little Sacrifices

In Texas, you have to turn five by September first to start Kindergarten in the public school system. Hannah, unfortunately, just barely missed that cut off by virtue of the fact that she refused to evacuate my uterus in a timely fashion. And as a result, we have to shell out for an extra year of preschool or private school.

I know the whole, red shirting kindergartners or not is an uncontroversial thing. And everyone seems to have an opinion or knows about some article or maybe they read that chapter in the Malcolm Gladwell book Outliers (btw, he’s a shill for Big Tobacco). Well, Hannah has no plans to become a professional soccer player, so I think we are all gonna be alright here.

Anyway. After a lot of freaking out and researching and visiting, we found a school we liked that also had a daycare for Maggie so we could do one drop off. But still. Change is hard for me. Like really, really hard. We have been with our old preschool since Hannah turned one. This is a big deal for me. I also have to start packing snacks and lunches, and all this other stuff in our lives is about to change (like how much disposable income I have when J.Crew has a 25% off sale. Bummer.). And it is a Spanish immersion schools, so I’m hoping that goes over well. But weirdly, the thing I’m taking the hardest is the school uniforms.

I’ve always had a policy that the girls get to pick out their own outfits. Sometimes it is really hard for me. Like when I bought a really cute outfit, and they split it up and wear the shirt with the WRONG SKIRT. And I might say, “But did you see the pretty skirt over there? Isn’t that…cute? No. No. Never mind. This is your decision." No matter how hard it hurts my heart to see that adorable outfit go to waste. 

But it is also kind of hysterical. Once Hannah put together this wild outfit. She was mixing patterns and colors in ways that were just amazing. And by amazing, I mean, well. Colorful? Like red and navy blue striped leggings with a white and black polka dot shirt and a purple floral skirt. And then she added some accessories. But the best part was when she stepped back after she put on her bracelet and hair clip and said, “Perfect!” 

And another time, Maggie had a red and black lady bug top and pink and blue floral leggings (pictured above). And when she finished pulling the leggings up she looked down at herself and said, “All my friends will think I look so cute!”

Gosh. I’m going to miss that. I mean, I guess they can mix and match navy blue and white to their hearts content? 


But they do look pretty cute in their new school uniforms. So there is that. And I guess they can put together fancy, expressive outfits after school and on the weekends.


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  1. Love the uniform/personal pick saga/humor. Learned about "redshirting kindergartners". What an eye-opener! With all respect to those making their living in sports, does everything have to be about sports these days? (Exaggeration, there.) My thought is that a significant reason for parent(s) not sending their kids to kindergarten could be that they can't afford it and therefore either keep the child at home, or pack them off to a non-parental relative or friend for day care. In the non-parental environment (or even in a parental environment where the economic status of the parent is more likely to be "sub-standard", and thus the educational capabilities less), I presume there is a greater chance that the child will not be nurtured/educated at an average level. Thus, there could be a lower academic performance in the future.