Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Years

In keeping with tradition (also, this lets me just copy and paste last year’s New Year’s post and just add one new picture #lazy), here’s our family’s history in holiday pictures.

I was like a day pregnant with Hannah or something here. I have no idea because I can’t remember when I took this picture. But I found out I was pregnant with Hannah on Christmas day 2008. That was pretty exciting. I mean, it was until everyone kept asking me if it was intentional. What the heck, guys? That is such a weird question. And yeah, it was.

I don’t think we did Christmas cards this year because I had just sent out birth announcements. Like super late. Because that is how I roll.

And here is Hannah when she was like, 15 months old. And Maggie when she was entering her third trimester. Or as I like to think of it, Maggie’s quiet phase.

So this was some of my best work getting us dressed for family photos.

And this was when I was like, why am I paying other people to take our photos? We could have done this. In fact, Cork had to edit them. This year we took the pictures ourselves. Well, we got the camera ready and did the editing and my brother’s fiancée snapped the shot.

I think I’m going to take a photography course. Or not. We are sort of lazy like that. Anyway, when I went to buy that dress, I had the girls with me. Just me and the girls. So I brought them into the dressing room and Hannah is all: you are naked (she thinks anybody without a shirt on is naked. When we are on walks she asks me why half of the runners are naked). I like your bra. Your panties have flowers. Then they tried to crawl under the door and escape. And then I remembered why I do all my shopping online. Seriously. All of it. Anyway, you might have noticed Cork’s sweater. He’s like, I do what I want. I wear Santa sweaters. It’s true. He does.

Happy New Years, Y’all!


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  1. Happy New Year. Laughed out loud at "Maggie's quiet phase."