Thursday, December 12, 2013

Stuff I learned about Nelson Mandela

I am not a history or a political science major. So when I heard, Nelson Mandela, I (like most people, or so I thought) immediately thought of ending apartheid. And then Ted Cruz’s Facebook page happened. And I was like, so many WTFs?

Anyway, if you were like me and you were like, why do Republicans hate black people so much (just kidding. sometimes.) I found some good articles that gave way more history on Nelson Mandela and all this Right Wing hate. And helped me get a better understanding of him than my previous “just enough to get full credit on a short answer question on a high school history exam” understanding. 

Ted Cruz slammed for Mandela tribute on Facebook This article links to Ted Cruz’s post where you can see updated comments with more backlash against these guys (who were some of the original commenters)

10 Surprising Facts About Nelson Mandela This does the best job of explaining most of the outlandish stuff you’ll see and putting it in a good context. Some of this stuff stuff is clearly misguided and racist and can’t be explained. But you can at least see where they got their crazy ideas from.

‘The last great liberator’: Why Mandela made and stayed friends with dictators It is always interesting to see how people can have legitimate reasons for totally disagreeing on stuff. It is important to remember that. Difficult. But important. It reminded me of this:

{embedded video, TED Talk by Sally Kohn}


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