Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I heart November

November is one of my favorite months. It is my birthday month. And it is Thanksgiving's month (which is like the pre-party for Christmas, and I absolutely love, love, love Christmas.) People that get upset about Christmas music and decorations out before Thanksgiving are the worst kind of haters. Like if God didn't want us to listen to Christmas music during November he would have given us Thanksgiving music, so CHILL OUT, okay? Seriously. (jokes)

And even though people think I personally insulted Thanksgiving by loving Christmas too much, I actually get super sad when Thanksgiving is over. Because I love fall. From the first day of fall when I go out and buy an insane amount of pumpkins (which subsequently rot before Thanksgiving even arrives) until New Years is like THE BEST TIME OF YEAR EVER. It is Halloween, and my birthday, and Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and just decorations and food and general awesomeness. And Thanksgiving means that time of year is like halfway over or something. Which makes me sad.

So inflatable yard decor is super classy, no? Junebug's Christmas outfit and this giant turkey in my yard are proof that Thanksgiving and Christmas can get along peacefully, just like I said!!

We got a new table! I was so excited. Isn't it beautiful? And so many people can sit at it. I feel like I should have people over for dinner all the time. (who's free for a dinner party?!)

This was my center piece. These were the baby pumpkins and gourds that hadn't rotted yet. So don't accuse me of not loving Thanksgiving enough, I think rotten pumpkins are proof I loved it too much. And you know what doesn't mix well? Rotting pumpkins and decorative glass balls. That is what.

So much family time. 

Also, we found a neighbor's missing cat. Except our neighbors were out of town when we called to say their cat was no longer missing; so we watched the kitty 'till they got back. At first I was like, "We need a cat too!" But by the end of the weekend I was like, "eh, maybe not." Cats are super cute. But they scratch and bite when they are playing. And wake me up when they are purring or pouncing on your feet. And this one is a runner. Like you open the door and she will take off. (And because we already promised our neighbors we found her, I felt obligated to not lose her; which sometimes felt like a lot of pressure.) Like our dog does none of those things. If, hypothetically, we accidentally left Junebug outside, she'd just sit on our door step waiting for us to realize she was gone. And she never bites or scratches. I guess she sometimes wakes me up though. I dunno. But I feel like Junebug needs a buddy. Maybe we'll get her a doggy friend. No offense to cat people. This kitty was super sweet. But shoot. I think I'm just a dog person. A fall person and a dog person.


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