Friday, December 20, 2013

Freedom of speech is not freedom from everyone (including your employer) thinking you're a bigot

The Religious Right. They sure are obsessed with anal sex. Especially for a group of people who allegedly want nothing to do with it. Weird, right? I mean, I want nothing to do with pickles. You know how many times I've discussed pickles on this blog? Never, except to make this point. But this isn't the first time Phil made a homophobic comment. I'd be shocked if it is the last.

Also, I'm not saying anyone's racist. I'm just saying, he said some racist stuff. And...well. You know. It certainly doesn't make them look not racist. 

So then Bobby Jindal (who, ironically asked his political party to try to be less stupid in 2012), Sarah Palin, and Ted Cruz have all played the "I don't know what free speech means" card. As though our first amendment protects your constitutional right to a reality TV show. Free speech actually protects private corporations, like A&E, to decide when they think something is offensive to their audience or sponsors. Anyway, it is a suspension. It isn't like they ended the show. So much faux stupidity. ugh. And can somebody please explain to me what Miley Cyrus has to do with any of this? Why is Bobby Jindal bringing her up? Seriously. The less we bring her up the better.

I just can't even with this. You guys are ruining Christmas. All of you.



  1. Someone I know who works in show biz says the network is actually playing games with the "suspension" language because the show films in the summer anyway. But agree- first amendment means you won't get arrested, not that people have to like it!

    1. Yeah, I heard they were doing a Duck Dynastic marathon on A&E this weekend. They clearly aren’t trying to distance themselves from them. They are probably like, any publicity! gross.

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  4. I deleted because I accidentally made the same post 3x

  5. My phone does that too Becky.

    I agree. But logic is super hard for people. I've just been putting people on ignore on FB. :(