Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dr. Dobson, Hobby Lobby, and pseudoscience of "baby killing"

Dr. James Dobson took a break from his busy child and dog beating promotion schedule to file a lawsuit against the Obama Administration's contraception mandate. Or as he probably thinks of it, the baby killing mandate. Because like Hobby Lobby, Dr. Dobson doesn't know the difference between contraception and abortion. Because science. The silver lining? Allegedly, if they don't win, they will close up and hopefully shut up. Or as they put it
Well, we will close the doors if we have to do this! Rather than be complicit in the killing of babies!

There are two problems here. First, the religious fundamentalists aversion to science. And second, the implications of business claiming to have religion and then being able to claim that said religion exempts them from the law. I'll tackle each separately.

First the morning after pill, is not an abortifacient. 

Doctors consider that a pregnancy starts at implantation. Some religious folks believe that life (not a pregnancy, but life) starts at fertilization. Which means that God is killing babies (tiny, helpless, single-celled babies) at a startling rate (50-60%!), as a ton of these new lives end before people even miss their period. (WHY, God, WHY?! Why do you kill these babies so much?! And yet your followers demand that women protect these single cells way more than you do? And with hardly any evidence to back up their methods?) For example, these religious folks say that if Plan B prevents implantation, then Plan B kills a "baby." Luckily, there is science for that. And it says, that, no, Plan B doesn't prevent implantation. It prevents ovulation. And that is precisely why Plan B isn't effective at preventing a pregnancy if you've already ovulated. And also why Plan B doesn't kill "a baby!" But it is hard for some people to unclutch their pearls. And besides. Science is hard. Screaming at the ladies about how to control their bodies is easy!

Second, where do you draw the line on a corporation with religious views? Maybe you're cool with that line if it doesn't cross your own religious views. But what happens when it does?

Yes, what happens? What if Hobby Lobby opens that door. Then we can all be discriminated against by any old (or new) religion. Not cool. Sorry, Hobby Lobby and Focus on the Family, you're not a person. Jesus doesn't love you. And Plan B doesn't kill babies. Get over it.


  1. THANK YOU. It really bothers me that when people are debating this they don't start with "Plan B doesn't kill babies." Even the major news outlets that cover the Hobby Lobby thing don't mention it. It's REALLY important.

    1. Thanks. I wish that all media outlets were forced to have a science editor/consultant who reviewed all their stuff and gave input on stuff before they published/discussed.