Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday link dump VOTER FRAUD *jazz hands* edition

Have you guys seen this Daily Show segment in this article Republican Activist Resigns After Racially-Charged ‘Daily Show’ Comments? Because it's ah-maze-ing.
Don Yelton, the Buncombe County precinct chairman, was discussing the state’s voter ID law when he said if the law hurt college students, whites, or “a bunch of lazy blacks that wants the government to give them everything, so be it.” He also added that the law is “going to kick Democrats in the butt.”

As always, The Daily Show is hysterical in a sometimes sort of depressing way. And this is relevant to my life (because ME ME ME. Everything is about ME. amiright?) because of Texas very own voter ID law may disenfranchise a third of female voters.  Seriously, republicans. This is a really dumb idea. I mean, come on! This is why we can't have nice things, Texas.
It’s well-documented that such laws disproportionately disenfranchise low-income voters, people of color, students and the elderly, but married women and transgender people (some of whom are married women) are also among those likely to be impacted by the new law.
Ya didn't think you'd be screwing over your own wives and daughters too, now did ya? Huh? Thought you could just screw over some "other people" and it'd be cool, is that it? (Hey, I could have just stopped that first sentence after the word "think," huh?)

Just a friendly reminder, even if women aren't your wives/daughters
they still have value and worth. true story.

Republicans (who stick to the party line and don't admit to racist, undemocratic stuff straight up, like Yelton) say we need to show our IDs to prevent voter fraud. As Don Yelton showed us, that is a load of crap. Because like the "one or two" cases of fraud in his state, according to the Texas "attorney general’s records, 18 instances of voter fraud have been confirmed in Texas since 2002." (source) You guys! That's like more than a dozen! It is almost twenty! In over a decade. Shoot.

Meanwhile, up to a third of female voters are getting screwed, not to mention all the low-income voters, people of color, students, the elderly (But she's an old lady! I mean look at her, you can't just take her vote, she's too old!), and transgender people. So take your voter fraud, roll it in a nice little ball, and shove it up your pie hole. Thanks.


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