Friday, August 30, 2013

Whiny voice: fairies and fighting dirty

Hannah has become like the Ferrari of whiny voice. She can go from zero to whiny so fast you need some kind of professional timing devise to track it. And it has been incessant. I'm not sure what I did to deserve this whiny voice phase. I'm really not. (just kidding. not everything is about me. I get it.) But seriously, why, God, WHY?! Where did this come from?

a fairy without wings

So I was throwing all of the usual positive-parenting tricks at it: Ignoring the whining. Rewarding the good behavior. And we were seeing the expected, initial increase in whining, followed by the slow, gradual decrease. But you guys. My ears...

At a low point, when my brain was about to explode, I said: Hannah. You know what happens when you use whiny voice, don't you? A fairy's wings get crumpled up. 

That's not true! You don't know!

Oh, I do know! The wings get crumpled (a fairy medical condition; also, a highly technical term) and the fairy can't fly any more.

But will they get fixed?! Like with giggles? (I always tell them how much I love their giggles. Little kid giggles are seriously the most amazing thing on the face of the earth; besides maybe, maaaybe hyperbole.)

I'm not pointing any fingers, but you'll notice this fairy has no wings either...
Well. Some things can fix them. Like giggles. And gentle voices. And gentle words. And helping people. Those things can fix fairy wings. And those things give baby fairies new wings too (because baby fairies are born without wings, in case you didn't know. just basic fairy anatomy and development). But whiny voices and mean touches CRUMPLE fairy wings! And ruin their sparkle!

Not their sparkle!!

YES! It's true.

And the whiny voice has miraculously plummeted. And this morning when Maggie started whining that I got her the wrong cup for her milk, Hannah gently reminded her of the fairy wings. Like holy magical heck. Fairies are miraculous, I tell you.

I'm sure there is some Mommy karmic retribution awaiting me. But shoot. I'll take it if it means a reprieve from the whiny voice.

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