Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Something that separates me from God more than sin

I've said before how I think the Christian obsession with sin is misguided at best: it perpetuates shame and isn't really effective at enabling positive change in our lives. 

The other thing about sin is, I grew up being told that sin separates us from God. But here is the thing. You know what separates me from God the most lately? Christians. And all the stupid crap they say and do.

stuff like this.

via SCCL:  Bringing Home Rebecca hey laaaaadies. There is actually a follow up post because someone asked, um, so what happens if her husband dies? (think, Opt Out Generation Wants Back In) and it is this long, rambling post when um, HELLO? she gets married off to the dead husband's brother DUH! or something. I don't know.
"Eve did not have a separate function apart from Adam. Eve's function was defined perfectly in terms of Adam's function. When we understand what Adam was doing then we can understand why Eve was created...The purpose that God had in bringing Eve out of the side of Adam was so Adam would have a helper for his job, for his vocation...not a separate vocation of her own."  ... [To be] discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands,
that the word of God be not blasphemed. Tts 2:5 KJV
via twitterAllowing the devil to undress you: the slut-shaming of a former home schooler you guys sound fun...

via SCCLHelping Little Hearts Overcome Sin evil, evil babies.
On the first day of class Mrs. Stinson warned us that there is a great temptation in parenting to excuse away a child’s sin.  Often this is done through labeling a child (she’s just shy, he’s just active).   It can also be done euphemistically by calling defiant behavior “stubborn” or manipulative behavior “emotional.”  And who hasn’t used circumstances to excuse a kid’s sin now and then?  (She’s exhausted; he’s hungry; it’s way past nap time.)  All of it may be true—maybe she is shy, emotional, hungry, and tired.  But she is also sinful.  And ultimately, she is refusing to share her toys not only because she is tired, but because her sinful heart loves self more than others.

Mrs. Stinson taught us that sugar-coating a child’s sin is no favor to the child.  If you really want to help little Johnny overcome sin and mature in godliness, you have to be willing to call a spade a spade.  So for our first assignment, we had to observe a child (if possible, our own) and identify the chief sins this child was drawn to.  Then, we had to create a plan of action to help the child overcome his or her greatest sin struggle
via Friendly Athiest: Christian Pastor: My Sons Will Be Taught to Be Independent; My Daughters Will Be Taught *Not* to Be Independent  You're violent and a misogynist. What an odd combination. Wait, not odd. Not odd at all.
And you say, what if you don’t like the guy they’re dating? They’re not gonna be dating a guy that I don’t like. A guy that I don’t like is gonna get his face punched in. [Laughter]
And you say, well why the double standard? Um, ’cause everything in the Bible’s a double standard?! ‘Cause I’m not a feminist?! ‘Cause men and women are different? ‘Cause my sons are gonna be taught to be independent. My daughters are gonna be taught not to be independent. [Fake crying noises] My sons are gonna be taught to go out and work hard and make a living! My daughters are gonna be taught to be a homemaker, okay? You don’t like that? Well, whatever, that’s what the Bible teaches…



  1. This kind of stuff makes me ill.

    At this point in my life, I have finally gotten to where this kind of *hit has nothing to do with my faith or the God that I believe in and follow. Like, *less* than nothing, if at all possible. Because I finally believe, down to my very core, that this has nothing to do with the true heart of God. And it's quite liberating.

    But in the meantime, I feel deep sorrow for all of these women who are being taught and oppressed into thinking that all they are good for is babies, cleaning, cooking, and propping up their husband's ego. And deep ragey anger for the men who perpetuate this kind of evil thinking.

    1. I need to get to that place. Or as Tina Fey says, I want to go to there. Where I can totally without hesitation know that crap and all it's oppressive and destructive garbage has nothing to do with me or anything I believe.

    2. I pray you find that place, sooner rather than later.

      For what it's worth, rest in the assurance that this place *does* exist. And always remember that you are stronger than you think and that the grey stuff between your ears is God's gift with an expectation that you will use it. And I know you already do, so there you go.

      Much love and hugs to you!! ;-)