Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The very best thing about preschoolers

With all the noise and chaos, it is easy to forget how freaking cute preschoolers can be.

The compliments
After a pedicure: Mommy, I love your red toenails. (bending down to inspect them more closely). They are so pretty!
After a new purchase: Mommy, I like your new necklace/flower dress/sparkly ring/polka dots. (followed by: can I wear it now?) Daddy, I like your new sunglasses!
When I'm putting on make up: Mommy, I like your pink lips! 
Sometimes sort of out of nowhere: Mommy/daddy you're the best!
like this one? there are about 50 more on my phone.

The surprises on your phone/computer/iPad
Checking your photos to see 50 nearly-identical, toddler selfies that are about 10-70% thumb.
Going to text someone, only to realize one of your kids sent a jibberish text message to the guy who owns the moving company you used in October.
Finding out your toddler checked you into some place/liked something/shared someone else's status on facebook.
When your husband's twitter feed starts freaking out because your three-year old just sent out about six nonsense tweets.

The sudden awareness of/obsession with bodies
At a crowded restaurant: Mommy, why does that guy not have any hair!
When you make it a point to teach anatomically correct names for all body parts, only to have your child yell at the target check out line: you're hurting my vagina! when you pick her up.
When you bring up someone your daughter has never met and she immediately asks you: Is her hair yellow? Is it brown? What color are her eyes? What color is her skin?
When your daughter asks why your pregnant friend's belly is so big, and you tell her she has a baby in her belly, and then your daughter asks you if you have a baby in your belly (nope, but thanks for checking!)

Their inability to grasp the concept of time
When they guess how old you are: "um? four!" Nope, older. "uh, fourteen!" Yup. Mommy is fourteen.
When your daughter asks if we can please go to the beach, and you say, sure! let's plan a trip! and she says, no, let's go RIGHT NOW! Even though you are in rush hour traffic on a Tuesday.
The way "yesterday" can mean "the day before" or "eight months ago."
a trip to the petting zoo requires the proper accessories.

Their competitive nature
The way nobody wants to sit on your lap/be held until one of the girls wants to, and then suddenly both of them do.
The way the best toy in the whole house is always (always) the one somebody else just picked up.
The way everything is a race. And the phrase, "I won!" can be preceded by anything from going to the potty to eating an apple.

When they are giggling uncontrollably
When someone gives you a spontaneous, gigantic hug
When they like the same songs you do
When they draw you pictures and you can finally tell what it is. Bonus points if it is a picture of you.
Snuggles, because you know that one day soon they won't be so freely given.
Their sense of fashion. Especially the way Maggie thinks that there is no such thing as too many skirts (see also, the top photo) and the way Hannah will suddenly reject a previously acceptable outfit when she realizes it doesn't meet her standards for twirliness.