Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Things fall apart

broken AC slumber party

The worst part about having a kid who is throwing up, well besides the smell and the clean up afterwards, is that horrible two to 72 hours where you are waiting to find out if the vomit is contagious. Not to jinx it or anything, but I think that we might be (just about) safely to the other side.

I took the girls to Kerbey Lane for pancakes (and to try to let their dad sleep in). And before our drinks even came, Maggie got sick. Our poor waitress. We both looked at each other like, I don't even know what to do? Maggie said she was still hungry and wanted her pancakes so I thought maybe it was a fluke. Toddlers are weird like that. We made it through the meal but I could tell she wasn't herself. I took her home and we went on a walk and then she went down for a 9:30 nap (something she hasn't done since she was an itty bitty baby). She woke up a couple hours later and got sick again. But then she seemed fine. Like eating, running, playing fine. Then as we got ready for bed (in the living room, because the upstairs AC broke. I mean, really, Universe?) Maggie climbed up on the couch to sleep with me. I was worried it was because she wasn't feeling well. And sure enough, an hour later, sick again. Today was mostly vomit-free. So really, as far as toddler vomiting goes this wasn't so bad (I mean, easy for me to say as the non-toddler).

Anyway, it looks like our Fourth of July plans are still safe, my eyes are finally feeling better (today was the last day I have to take all the eye drops and wear the stupid goggles to sleep), the AC repair man has ordered a new fan for the AC, and I think we are gonna be okay here.


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