Tuesday, June 4, 2013

There's something I have to tell you. An open letter to my husband.

What I'm about to tell you isn't easy but I don't think it should come as a surprise. We've been married almost five years and I think one thing that's been evident from the beginning of our relationship is my issue with remotes. Like the time you bought that universal remote that could control the whole house, start the car, and program the coffee maker (or something, I wasn't paying attention) and I irrationally hated it? And more recently, the way I could never turn off the TV since we switched cable providers and got new remotes (uh, like a year ago)? And how you once went out of town for a week and the TV stayed on the whole time (I just turned off the cable box and cursed the god of remote controls). Well, I realized something the other day.

I can't explain why. I was just looking at the remote and it was as if I saw it for the first time. It was like the clouds parted and I finally noticed that there was an "off" button. Right there. Under the "on" button. Weird, right?

I guess I just assumed that the TV "on" button was like the cable "power" button and you pressed it to turn the TV on and off. You'd think after pressing the "on" button repeatedly and getting no response from the (already on) TV, I'd have looked for an explanation or an alternative or something. I must have developed some sort of learned helplessness specific to remote controls. Probably from that stupid universal remote. So this might actually be your fault. But it's okay, I forgive you. I think the important thing is that I can turn the TV off by myself now. And so let's just focus on that, okay?
Love you,

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