Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday photo/link dump

Part of an ongoing series.

It was a big week between the omnibus abortion legislation, filibuster, and fall out in Texas; the numerous SCOTUS rulings; and worst of all, the conservative/evangelical reactions. I can't even begin to do an adequate job addressing them all because I got LASIK this week and it was awful. AWFUL. Like the procedure itself was more traumatic than vaginally delivering a 9 pound 2 ounce child (which, honestly, that was nbd. I had an epidural. But LASIK, you guys, it was horrific). The recovery has been harder than both labors combined. My eyes still burn pretty badly and this is day three post-op. So reading, writing, and generally existing has been more challenging than usual. So know that I have a lot more to say on these topics in the coming days and weeks (or as soon as my poor, innocent eyeballs stop hurting). But until then, Sarah Moon did a great job here: When the moral arc of the universe feels more like a roller-coaster.

So I've mostly got pictures for you for now.

this is me after they dilated my eyes for my pre-op appointment.
I miss you glasses. So much pain/LASIK regret right now.

Growing up in Sovereign Grace Ministries This is everything I hate most about abusive, fundamentalist religions in one, heartbreaking sentence.
I've listened to my sisters grieve over how they never knew how to say no when they were approached by sexual predators, because they didn't know they had the basic human right to do so after being taught things like first-time obedience and assuming the best about those in authority no matter what (because God put them in authority, so they have inside info on God’s will). 

The bill’s supporters, meanwhile, wore blue. Many of them had red duct tape somewhere on their persons, on their lapels or over their mouths (because apparently having every one of your wildest legislative fantasies handed to you by your representatives in a special session is somehow being silenced) or, for a few young men who oppose abortion rights, waiting outside the spectator gallery before the start of the hearing, around their hands, which they’d hold up in a frankly Nazi-like fashion.

[video of Leticia Van de Putte's moment of pure awesomeness]


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