Friday, June 21, 2013

If I were going to get pregnant

Sometimes maternity clothes make me want to have another baby. But then my own life reminds me that, no. That'd be a really bad decision right now. Maybe ever. But if I were going to get pregnant again....

dresses are totally the way to go. (ditto stripes, always.) shirts will get too short if you make it to 40 weeks. and then you'll be really big, angry, and shirtless. It is a bad combo. Trust me. via

but let's be real, you will want shirts too. so make sure they are stupid long. and also have stripes. via

and bright colors via

I mean, how cute is this?  via
and get something long. because you are going to quit shaving your legs eventually. and I'm not gonna judge you. via 

don't you guys all want to go get pregnant now too? I mean not really. but almost.


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