Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The problem with facebook

You know what is wrong with facebook? You can block stuff like Farmville, but you can't block stupid and annoying. Case in point:

The Obama Gun Ban? First of all, what the heck is that? Just a delusional paranoia to fuel gun sales? Oh ok. But anyway, go ahead, please, tell me how Obama is coming for your HUNTING GUNS?! Seriously? No. Seriously?? The senate can't even pass a background law that 90% of Americans are in favor of (because they are a bunch of bipartisan douche canoes). How in God's name do you imagine anyone will be coming after your hunting rifles? Unless, oh wait, do you go hunting with a semiautomatic weapon? In that case, WTF are you hunting, EFFING ZOMBIES?! And even then, NO ONE is coming after your guns.

Here is a tip to help you sleep easier, nobody is going to take your hunting guns. And unless you are a criminal or a sociopath, nobody is coming for any of your guns. And let's be real, even if you are a criminal or a sociopath, nobody is coming for any of your guns. Just so we are clear, nobody. is. coming. for your freaking guns (except for maybe your son who is going to shoot you and an elementary school full of innocent children and teachers). Because 'MERICA and the horrific, disgusting NRA.

Charts: Challenging the Myth That Guns Stop Crime

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Why does America lose its head over 'terror' but ignore its daily gun deaths?

Epidemic: Guns kill twice as many kids as cancer does

*updated to include this* This Is How the NRA Lies to Gun Owners About Obama's Agenda

Quotes from Jon Stewart video (above):
“Here’s what’s crazy, we all want the same thing: bad guys not to have guns. Some people, including myself, believe a good way to do that — at least a start — is to check who is buying them. Or make the guns somewhat traceable so when the bad guys get them, we can at least figure out how — not wait for a bad guy to draw and then draw faster. By the way, if that’s what you want, okay, let’s have that debate. But stop pretending that background checks are the last barrier standing between a free America and Obama-sponsored government mom rape.”
I might have to make this a recurrent thing because of the overwhelming amount of offensively dumb stuff in my facebook feed.



  1. This reminds me of a survey I took the other day. Facebook asked me to rate my satisfaction with their website in all these different areas and at the end there was a place for comments where I wrote something to the effect that, "All my dissatisfaction with facebook is not with the web site, it is with content posted by friends, e.g. political rants, useless links." I swear, one of these days I will just stop using that stupid web site!

    1. I feel like if they can have an "only important" setting with some sort of algorithm to only let pregnancy, engagements, etc announcements come through (and occasionally an announcement that someone's son pooped in the potty. #importantfail) they could probably block a majority of the annoying stuff with like political or rant filters. right?! Speaking of pregnancy announcements, aren't you having a baby soon?!?! (btw, I started eating oatmeal for breakfast recently and I think of your blog sometimes when I'm eating bfsat. ISN'T THAT CREEPY OF ME?! ha)