Monday, May 6, 2013

Costco, pancakes, and mommy guilt

Saturday morning I packed up the girls and shipped them off to pancake Saturday at my parents' house. And then I bolted. They didn't mind because their aunts showed up and they are more fun than me anyway. But it. was. awesome. Cork and I had a few beautiful hours to ourselves. We went for a run and got breakfast. Then we went to Costco and marveled at how much easier it was to shop without the kids. Nobody saw the industrial sized fan (like the kind they use in un-air-conditioned gyms) and demanded we bring it home. Because I neeeeeeed it! Nobody decided at the moment we were on the exact opposite end of the store from the bathroom that they have to potty RIGHT NOW! No nothing. Just silent, boring (gloriously boring) shopping.

I hate being away from the girls on the weekends or evenings because I just feel the crushing weight of working mommy guilt telling me, really?! You're already away from them for 40+ hours a week! But sometimes you have to give the mommy guilt the middle finger. Because I have a sneaking suspicion the girls strongly prefer their grandparents and aunts to Costco and the jogging stroller any day.



  1. hehe so very, very true. having some kid-free weekend time is the main thing I miss about not living near any family. Shipping the kids off to grandma & grandpa's for an afternoon so I could actually purge toys and closets with husband's help and no kids underfoot??? My dream!!!

    1. Seriously. And god forbid I try to run the vacuum cleaner while Maggie is home. She seems to think the purpose of a vacuum cleaner is to steal her soul or something. And she responds accordingly.