Monday, April 29, 2013

Why so violent?

So I was on the other day looking for this (I found it on Pinterest. It just cracks me up.)

And I saw this (below). And I was like, THAT IS HYSTERICAL. I mean, maybe not if you take the fish as a literal representation of Jesus or Christians. But let's put this in context, I was shopping for the thing above because I thought a T-Rex eating a stick figure representation of my family was funny. Because, I don't know, anachronistic depictions of T-Rex eating stuff is just something I enjoy. But, this is probably also a really great way to get your car keyed here in the Bible belt (Because WWJD? KEY A CAR, obviously. I think the Bible is pretty clear about that. Oh, how I love saying "the Bible is pretty clear about stuff" because I heard it ALL the time growing up, and later came to realize the Bible is pretty clear on very, very little.)
Case in point, this article: God is the least pro life character in the Bible.

These are things I think about a lot. Not just the fact that the Bible gave instructions for abortions, or treated a pregnancy loss as a property loss instead of a life loss; but also that in the Bible, God allowed/asked for the killing of children (as in, the outside of the uterus ones). And people of all ages. and WHAAAT?! What is up with the Bible's blasé treatment of genocide and violence and rape?? That is what I'd really like to know.

It just makes me think sometimes that getting a children's Bible for your kid, is that sort of like getting them a children's version of Quentin Tarantino movies? Like this is Pulp Fiction for toddlers, how cute?! Now little Johnny will understand all of the great cinematic references to Tarantino! Or the Bible. Whichever.

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