Monday, April 29, 2013

Running partners

Do you see how cute her shirt is? It is sort of my favorite.

I started running again recently. Our new neighborhood is a lot more runable than our old one. And Maggie is a lot more understanding of my not being attached to her constantly.

And the cute thing is, the girls have started saying they want to go for a run too. Which looks a lot like our walks, except we are all wearing running shoes. I mean, they run. But then they stop to check out a kitty cat or show me a flower or whatever. And walk. And then run again. That sort of thing. But just the fact that they want to be like Mommy is super cute to me. And it is another good reminder that I need to be a good role model for them. It just feels like taking care of toddlers and being a good role model is a bit too much to ask sometimes. Like, one or the other, people. I'm not good at multitasking. *sigh*

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