Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Leaving on a toy plane

Oh goodness, I love this crazy little girl so much sometimes. I love how she can use her words now and say, "that makes me angry!" or "that makes me sad!" or "haters gonna hate!" instead of just crying inexplicably like she did for most of the early months of her life. I love how compassionate she is. How she likes to walk up to her mommy and sister and say, "you are my my best friend!" And how she likes to wrap her dollies up like a burrito and pat their little dolly backs. But I also love how she still has a crazy streak in her, so she'll subsequently throw the dolly across the room in a fit of rage; that way I know that even with all the big girl words and big girl hair, she is still the same passionate Maggie she's always been. Hold on to that passion, little one. You'll need it for the day you really are going to leave me on a non-toy plane.


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