Monday, April 1, 2013


Easter was so much fun this year, I think I want to start celebrating all gift-giving celebrations by hiding the presents in the back yard. Last year, Maggie was sort of on the cusp of "getting it." This year? She was a woman on a mission. While Hannah would stop to show us the design on each egg, Maggie was just like, "EGGS! EGGS!" and grabbing them up like her life depended on it.
 Junebug got in on the hunt too. And I'm pretty sure she ate some candy that was in a hidden egg. Oh well.
My favorite part was listening to Maggie's enthusiastic toddler talk as she ran around egg hunting. At one point, my brother tried to point her in the direction of some hidden eggs and she yelled, "ookaaaaaaaaaay!" as she ran. The great thing about Maggie is, she might throw tantrums like none other but she also laughs and squeals with joy like nothing I've ever seen.
So they seem to be pretty clear on the fact that there is candy in all the eggs, and that was the awesome part (as opposed to just the thrill of the hunt); so I don't think I'll be enjoying most of their Easter candy myself this year. But it's okay. We figured out if you buy candy no one likes much, nobody eats that much of it anyway (not even Mommy).
So Hannah and I matched yesterday. It was sort of awesome because Hannah recently went through this, "princesses only wear dresses. I am a princess. Therefore, I ONLY wear dresses" phase (no jeans or leggings or anything that didn't "twirl." awesome.) And right after I bought her a ton more dresses (okay, maybe just three or four), she abandoned that phase for her, "I want to wear what Mommy is wearing" phase. If I'm wearing a skirt, she wants a skirt. If I'm wearing tights, she wants tights. And the glory of it is, it works both ways. If she is wearing pink shoes, she wants me to wear my pink shoes. It sucked at first because I don't wear many dresses and she was all stocked up on them. But whatevs. Luckily Maggie can wear them all. Anyway, when I found a toddler skirt (same brand, different color here) that matched a skirt I already owned, I got pretty excited. And so did Hannah. Does that make me a dork? Probably. Am I okay with that? Absolutely.

And here is miss Maggie, coming down from a candy high. It wasn't quite nap time but I could tell she was sleepy and asked if she wanted to go lay down. She insisted she just wanted to cuddle and promptly passed out on my lap. I sort of didn't mind at all.


  1. these pictures make me want to do easter at your house. and have a daughter one day. especially if she will wear matching skirts and amazing easter hats and/or squat over her egg collection like a little hen. love it all.

  2. I totally agree with the comment about buying unhealthful food: buy the brand that you don't like and you won't eat as much of it. I use this strategy on my weakness: cookies before bed. Next I'll work on ice cream. If only I could achieve #1 on my bucket list: Being appointed to the board of MacDonalds...