Tuesday, March 5, 2013

You're not crazy, you're just a mom! wait, huh?

Did anybody else read this article, When motherhood becomes a nightmare? And then I saw this one, Is Baby Still Breathing? Is Mom's Obsession Normal? about how having a baby causes symptoms of OCD. These brought back some memories. Especially the first one, which is about how it is totally normal after a baby is born to have these "daymares" where you experience intrusive images or ideas of something violent or terrible happening to your baby. Mine were mostly about awful accidents. Like someone hitting us with a car while we walked down the street; or tripping and falling down the stairs or in a parking lot while holding a baby. It wasn't just an idea that popped into my head, either; it was like a vivid and gruesome slow motion movie. It wasn't anything that interfered with my life by making me avoid or no longer enjoy things. It mostly just randomly disturbed me and made my walks a little more careful/dramatically paranoid. But if stuff like this is normal, it is easy to see how having a baby totally makes you vulnerable to more clinically significant stuff, like depression, anxiety, and psychosis. Sheesh. Freaking babies. Not really, they are so cute, how can you stay mad at them? 


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