Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What I learned from being a single mom

I was a single mom for most of last week. I'm not gonna lie, that is nothing compared to what a lot of moms do, but I was still pretty freaked out by the prospect of being outnumbered. Hats off to single moms and sort-of single moms whose husbands are gone a lot with work or deployments. The good news is, it wasn't so bad. I even learned a few things.

First, I need to be more proactive about planning stuff. I think that I get intimidated/paralyzed by the prospect of planning for four. Will it work with everyone's schedule? Will everyone have fun? Etc. But that's dumb. I just need to start doing stuff. If it doesn't work, oh well. 

Second, I need to not be so scared of being outnumbered. I mostly just imagine that being alone with them inevitably will involve Hannah and Maggie running in opposite directions towards equally dangerous situations and I'm caught in some horrific Sophie's choice type scenario. But that is just crazy and I need to stop freaking myself out like that.

Third, it's okay to cut myself some slack. I decided it was okay if they didn't eat as many veggies as they should, or get to bed when they normally would, or watch as little T.V. as I would like. We were mostly happy and healthy-ish and that is more important than compulsively tracking variables that will likely sort themselves out in the long run with substantially less stress.
Fourth, wine and chocolate chip cookies. They go surprisingly well together. And make most any situation better.


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