Wednesday, March 20, 2013

One time, at the park

Every day when we drive home, we go past our old park. One day the traffic was nuts. Nuts, I tell you. There were accidents all over the place. So I said, forget it! Let's just go to the old park! And we did. And it was magical.

First, Maggie was wearing squeaky shoes. If you haven't seen squeaky shoes, they are somewhat self explanatory. I like them because they let me know when she is making a run for it. She likes them because, you know, loud noises. Anyway, there was a lab puppy at the park who was obsessed with Maggie because she sounded like a walking squeaky toy. And because Maggie loves dogs so much, she was equally obsessed. They were just following each other around giggling and sniffing (Maggie and puppy, respectively).

Then, when we headed to the playground, I thought I saw more dogs. But, you guys. They were little goats. And they were so tame. Turns out, they were petting zoo goats and the owners bring them to the park sometimes to play/socialize. It was so cute (I didn't get any pictures though, darn it!). Hannah was beyond excited. But it didn't stop there. The goat owner asked the girls if they wanted to pet a pig. YES. There was a little pot belly pig hiding in the bushes. Oh em gee, you guys.

Then Maggie ran off and climbed up the bar ladder all by herself. Luckily, I saw her and ran to spot her before she broke her face. But my little baby is growing up!! And it was like, all that awesome/cuteness would have been missed if it hadn't been for the crazy-bad traffic.

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