Monday, March 4, 2013


Full disclosure, our family has gotten its second intestinal parasite infection in as many months. The first one, I thought you could only get from drinking the water in third world countries. Turns out, you can also get it from toddlers. Let me tell you, that can ruin your Christmas break real fast. The second one was not at all on my radar, but is now haunting my totally interrupted sleep (symptoms are worse at night) with some sick nightmares (you know, when toddlers aren't waking me up because they are miserable). Apparently it is like the lice of the intestinal track. Complete with washing/cleaning everything obsessively. And thinking you got rid of it, but fml, it's back. Except lice doesn't wake kids up in the middle of the night, who then wake you up, causing all sorts of misery and exhaustion and meltdowns and insanity. Welcome to my hell, you guys.

paradise? false.

Part of the reason I got nightmares though, was because of dumb stuff I read on Amazon reviews (the treatment is now OTC). One person said they were just taking the medicine as a precaution because their cat sleeps in their bed at night. Forget the fact that this isn't even something you can catch from a pet. Another person said the medicine didn't work because there are still parasites in their brain and heart and stuff. All I could think was, I must have no clue the level of wtf-ness medical professionals must address on a regular basis. I mean, really? You think this thing can infect your brain and heart (hint: it can't) and the best way to handle, you know, anything infecting your brain and hart is through OTC, mail order pills?!

Anyway, these discussions led me to Google infections you could get from your pets, and parasites that could travel to other parts of your body. And never do that, guys. NEVER. Do you hear me?! You can't unlearn these things. Reading about those infections was almost as bad as having the one our family is dealing with. Almost.

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