Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Why the right wing obsession with the CSCOPE curriculum is so ironic

Controversy: This fall, Glenn Beck got wind that the CSCOPE, a curriculum management system that is used by many school districts in Texas, disparaged the Tea Party (as in the Boston one, not the extreme, right-wing political movement). The mini-lesson asked students to consider the historical act from the British point of view and asked, would it fit the definition of an act of terrorism? Mr. Beck was having none of this. How dare they insult our founding fathers!

Truth: This lesson was actually pulled from the curriculum four years ago (contrary to uninformed douchecanoes who speculate that Texas, this bastion of liberal ideals???, was embolden by Obama’s reelection and thought it was a great time to indoctrinate our kids to hate our country). It doesn't teach kids that it was an act of terrorism. It teaches kid to examine and consider opposing point of views. {critical thinking? No thank you! Not in Texas.}

Why this is stupid: Considering your opponents perspective is  darn good idea. It helps you figure out what common ground you have, and/or it helps you mount a better offense/defense. Talk to a football coach about how important it is to know your opponent. Or talk to somebody who doesn't stand to benefit from inflicting early-stage chronic traumatic encephalitis on their opponents. You know, whatever. The point is, when you exist in some sort of idiot echo chamber actively discourage the free exchange of ideas that is critical to a healthy democracy, you are setting yourself up for failure. (or, you know, for being totally taken by surprise when you lose the election, even though Nate Silver had been calling it all along.)

Other things that are stupid: Lately all these legislative and state board committees are obsessed with this thing they don’t even regulate. These highly conservative people who—as with the constitution, want to take the free market behind the middle school and get it pregnant—are ready to start interfering with the free market themselves. These local-control champions are trying to usurp local control from schools and regional service centers. Basically, the irony is so multidimensional, it is giving me a headache.

Even more things that are stupid: The latest thing these people are freaking out about? A lesson that asks kids to design a socialist flag. Because God forbid anyone in this country actually know what socialism is? i.e., not an insult, and not an accurate description of America with a democratic president. Seriously, people. Knowledge is not the enemy.


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