Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Down by the bay

On the way home from work Hannah started asking me some pretty big questions. Like who made the earth and the sky. I told her some people believe God did. Some people think science made it all happen (I realize "science" is not a causative agent/event, but she's three.) And some people think that God used science to make it happen. Then she was asking how long ago God made everything, and how He made everything. {I told her God doesn't really have a gender, so you can say she too, if you want, when you talk about God.} Then I tried to dumb down the big bang theory and evolution without confusing her. But probably failed. She hung right in there though, coming back with more and more questions. I was starting to get overwhelmed trying to keep up. And right when I was teetering on the verge of giving up and buying a Flying Spaghetti Monster book, she said, "Mommy?" Yes, baby. "Have you ever seen a whale? With a polka dot tale?!" YES. A question I can easily answer. 

I love that kid.


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