Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I'm not dealing with life very well right now. Every time I read the news, see a picture with one of those precious children's faces, read a story about an educator who risked or gave her life to protect those kids, or try to imagine what those families are going through, my heart just breaks. And maybe this is a huge character flaw of mine, but when my heart is broken my mind says: do something. Don't just sit there. But what? And not knowing what to do makes me angry. But having stupid people on facebook tell me what to do makes me even angrier.

Specifically, when they say it's too soon to talk about "why" (aka, gun control). No, it's not too soon, you jerks; it is too late. We have endured tragedy after tragedy in this country, there is something wrong with us as a nation. No other developed country (regardless of gun ownership) has this problem. And our inability to face that there is something wrong with us? THAT is part of the problem (that, along with our stupid lack of gun laws). 

Or the religious step cousin of that: right now we need to just pray. Praying is fine, great even. But if your child is having trouble breathing you don't just drop to your knees. You get that baby to the freaking hospital. You can pray while you drive, people. Multitask. Seriously. 

And here is something else that is really annoying: trying to use this as an opportunity to sell your stupid Scentsy crap. First of all, that crap probably causes cancer. Second, let's be clear that you are using this tragedy to guilt your friends into buying your stupid products (if you want to send it, SEND IT YOURSELF. Or sell it AT COST). I'm sorry, that is not cool. And then, please don't turn around and immediately share some whack job post about how government taking away our guns  is pretty much the reason for the Holocaust, saying "I know it is too soon to talk about gun control (but not too soon to try to profit off the loss of innocent lives!), but I wanted to pass this along." Your fb post is so logically barren, it is an insult to our shared public school education.

And finally, if you are going to change your profile picture to one of you shooting a gun in response to this tragedy? You are just a terrible, terrible person. You are smarter than that. And that is why you exemplify the reason why I don't want to go to church anymore. It is people like you who are so proud to be a Christian but are capable of such gross callousness that, I'm sorry, I don't want to be associated with you. You sicken and embarrass me. Here's a pro tip: posting a picture of you shooting a gun after a tragedy like this? NOT what Jesus would do.

After deleting some fb friends, I've decided that while I can contact my congressmen about making better gun laws (and OMG, as much as I HATE guns right now, I'm not saying take away everybody's guns, I'm saying keep them out of the hands of sociopaths; require liability insurance; quit making tax payers finance the costs associated with your stupid gun ownership (the annual marginal social cost of gun ownership is around $100-$1800. But tax payers are footing those bills, not gun owners.). Tell the NRA to eff off with their crazy gun proliferation agenda. So chill out with your gun-hugging overreactions, people I went to high school with), that is about as much as I can do to impact the big picture. Beyond that, the best thing I can do is try to hold my family tight; appreciate the little things (the sun rising over the capitol on the way to work, the silly girls playing on the floor with me, the friends who know me so well); and like my friend Becky suggested, practice random acts of kindness. You know, starting right after I post this angry rant of mine.