Thursday, December 20, 2012

Antidote to Rage

Things I'm grateful for:

Hannah has started this new thing (I don't know if she learned it from a classmate, or what) but when we kiss her, she'll immediately wipe it off and say, "gross!" and then laugh hysterically. Of course, Maggie (who wants to be just like her big sister in every way...including ways that involve demanding anything or anyone Hannah is playing with) started doing it too. Except her timing is a little off and, as you lean in to kiss Maggie, she'll just yell, "GROSS!" and jump back. It is like she waits until you start to close your eyes, so the response is even more surprising. Then, I'm certain the shocked look she gets in return is reward enough, but it is also pretty funny so she gets a lot of laughs too (including her own). It makes daycare drop offs a million times better when it ends in hysterical laughter.

Also, we had to sleep train Maggie (again, ohmygosh, sometimes I worry about this kid. And also myself, I need my sleep.). In preparation, we told Hannah that if Maggie wakes her up in the middle of the night (instead of just yelling and crying in her bed), she can come into our room. It is not ideal, but things would start to feel like a screaming match otherwise. One would start to settle down until the other one screamed out to let us know she is still awake and not pleased about it. And then the other would start back up. Luckily, Maggie is sleeping better now and Hannah is a pretty motivated sleeper anyway (she gets that from me) so I wasn't super concerned about forming bad habits. In fact, the only time she got to take me up on the offer, it was only about 30 minutes before wake up time. So Hannah crawled into bed and I had picked Maggie up in the mean time and brought her into bed with us. We all got a little pre-alarm clock snuggle time. I just laid there with my family, listening to them breathe, feeling a whole new gratitude for the sound of their breath and the warmth of their tiny, wiggling bodies.

Since I took over the daycare drop off/pick up responsibilities after our move (it used to be a team effort), the girls have picked up a few new habits. First, Hannah now requests Taylor Swift (we used to listen to a lot of sports radio and Pearl Jam when daddy drove), specifically, "We are never never getting back together." Second, when traffic slows to a stop, the girls will start chanting, "move, cars! move!" (um, no idea where they learned that?!) Finally, Hannah randomly asked last week if on Tuesday we could get a helicopter. (Their school is by a hospital that has a life flight helicopter that they get to watch take off and land during recess.) And for the next few days, she brought it up again and again. She asked about the helicopter store and reminded me how much faster they are than our minivan.I like the way that kid problem solves. 

I'm trying to remember each day and each moment (even the loud and crazy ones) how lucky I am to have these sweet little girls and their wonderful dad in my life.


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