Monday, November 5, 2012

So big

When I turned 16, I started giving everyone a count down (shopping days left) well over a month in advance. This year, I'm just happy to not have a stomach bug or have to spend my whole birthday vacation throwing up and pregnant (but not throwing up because I'm pregnant. at least the latter makes you feel like a good mom, taking one for the team.). Then I realized, this is sort of the second anniversary of my sixteenth birthday, and holy cow I'm old. I mean, not old-old. Just, how have I been alive long enough to get a driver's license, times two? The first time seemed to take forever to come around. The second, not so much. I guess all I want for my birthday, besides a vomit-free day, is for these next 16 years to go a little slower. I just want to hold on to this crazy, loud, exhausting, but funny, sweet, and incredible time as tight as I can. Really, there is nothing else I need or want. I have a wonderful family, a home I love, a freaking minivan. I mean, really? What else could a 32 year old girl want?


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