Monday, November 19, 2012


In the early days of being a mother of two, I was obsessed with what I could no longer do for my oldest (put her to bed every night) and what I’d never be able to do for my youngest (give her my undivided attention) that I took for granted with my oldest. And also, what have I done to my family? Was this a terrible mistake? Will we ever survive? The jury is still out on the last one; but my other feelings of guilt and fear are slowly being eased. Every time the girls are making each other giggle so hard and so loud, you can’t help but laugh along with them; every time Maggie wakes up and the first thing she wants to do is give “Nannah” a hug; every time Hannah takes Maggie’s hand as they walk down stairs; every time Maggie says, “I love you, Nannah!” my hope that they will be life-long friends starts to overtake my fear that they will totally resent me for everything I couldn't do for them.


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