Monday, November 26, 2012

Leftover turkey

Fall at my new house
This Thanksgiving, after a nice meal with family and friends and an even nicer nap (I was beyond tired) I was messing around on Craigslist looking for a cheap lawn mower. But what I found instead was an ad that literally brought me to tears (in the "lawn mower" search, what the heck, right?).  A mom was asking if anyone had any leftover turkey. She couldn't afford any and her son was pretty upset about it. She was offering some of her stuff to trade (including a broken lawn mower, thus her ad showed up in my search). She had posted it almost four hours ago and I wanted so badly for someone to have responded to her in that time, but I emailed to check. She said, not yet. I immediately called my parents (who had all the turkey leftovers from the day), they were a little confused but totally on board. In the end, the whole thing was really touching.
Sometimes I get sort of uncomfortable when people talk about God doing stuff. I sort of consider myself in between religions, so I spend a decent amount of time trying to decide about how I feel about all things religious. So talk about what God did or wants, etc makes me kind of uncomfortable. It is hard for me to wrap try mind around God hooking someone up with a great parking spot, but not finding time to save kids who are abused and neglected, soldiers being disabled and killed, people dying of cancer, etc. And yet, I couldn't help but think, "God" at a time like this. I certainly hadn't done anything beyond my usual messing around in the Internet. And yet, these series of events unfolded that brought a little happiness to a lot of people. And then I thought, maybe God isn't reaching his/her invisible hand down and helping people and causes at random while ignoring others? Maybe, instead, it is you and me who are doing the helping and ignoring? {once again, I think atheists are on to something, but this works for religious folks too because:} Maybe instead of giving us good parking spots, God gives us each other. And it is up to us to be the hope, love, grace, and compassion for each other.

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  1. I cannot believe you found that on craiglist; and how wonderful that it worked out for you to get them some turkey! I am a religious person, but I can really relate to your commentary here. Makes you think twice about paying attention to the people around you.