Tuesday, October 2, 2012

TV and ohmygod the sky is falling

Sometimes it is hard to read parenting advice without feeling kind of frustrated. On the one hand, you are doing everything wrong and ruining your kid; on the other hand, most of what you do doesn't really make much of a difference.

I'm all about doing what is in the best interest of the kids. For example, TV. You won't hear me arguing that it is good for a kid. But everyone is freaking out about this new research about kids and TV. And step back from the ledge, people. It doesn't have any evidence about your kid's development. It just has telephone survey data on background TV in households. i.e., how much it is happening, not how much it is ruining your child's brain.
See, Dr. Brown. THIS is what I'm talking about. Like how are parents supposed to take anything seriously when we elevate everything to OHMYGAWD, your kid's BRAIN. IT IS RUINED! RUINED! Stop what you are doing and won't somebody think of the children! 

Okay, maybe I'm the one exaggerating now, but STILL. I love finding out the latest research and advice, I just wish people could package it a little more respectfully. Most parents are genuinely trying their hardest and want to do what is best. So how about doctors, childcare "experts," et al just take things down a notch. Give helpful suggestions instead of all/nothing doomsday scenarios. Stop stating your opinion like it is evidence and stop misrepresenting data and studies so that it sounds like your kid's life or well being depends on it. Because when the time comes that it actually does, your message is just going to get lost in the background noise.



  1. Excellent point! :) I am hoping for a baby sometime soon…and I'm trying desperately to soak in everything I can…but there seems to be SO much!
    I just hope I get the important stuff! :)

    Alexandria http://therolexrelease.blogspot.com

    1. I know the feeling! I wish I could go back in times and filter some of it for myself as a new mom.