Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Solved mysteries

I think I solved the mystery of the noisiest, angriest weekend on earth. The Banana is sick. So sick that she came home this afternoon, saw the fruit tray Cork made for their afternoon snack, and screamed incoherently until she passed out on the floor.  
.Right there, just inches from where the fruit tray was.
Poor kid. She did feel well enough to eat her very favorite spaghetti. I sort of love the way she uses her free hand to pile spaghetti on her fork. 
But then it was back to the couch. At least since she's been resting, she has gotten quieter. 


  1. Oh! Poor baby!! Glad she was able to eat her spaghetti! :)

  2. Get Well, Hannah! We love you and Maggie ... and Mommy and Daddy. Best wishes for the new house.

    Our love,
    GrandDad & GrandDebbie (in Ica, Peru)