Monday, October 22, 2012


Things have been a little crazy this past week, but I think they will settle down soon. I got my computer unpacked and figured out the internet/router issue (er, my husband did) and I'll be settling into a groove soon. I mean, I will? Right?

Leaving our old place was a little sad. It is so close (walking-distance close!) to grandparents and aunts and uncles that it was hard to leave. But thankfully, we can console ourselves with all the freaking space in our new place. (Pictures to come.) 

Hannah has taken to the new house like a champ. She frequently asks if we can stay here a really, really long time. Unfortunately, she doesn't understand why we can't go walk into our neighbors' houses and hang out, like we could with her aunts/grandparents/etc. As a consolation, Hannah just asks us to pretend we are different family members (you know, variety). She will tell us each, "OK, Mommy, you be me; Daddy, you be Mannie; I'll be Mommy." Her dad and I finished our conversation (about house-plans, so not in Maggie/Hannah character) and Hannah said to Cork, "That's right, Mannie. Do you want to cry now?" Way to redirect, Hannah. And also, you seem to have seem to have this Maggie character pegged.

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