Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Meow Meows and Dog Dogs

Maggie is super affectionate. Not just with her family, but also her dolls, pets, and random objects she deems "a baby." She has an incredibly enthusiastic love for animals. She chases people down who are walking their dog to pat, hug, and kiss the poor little "dog dogs." She spots kitty cats in people's yards and nearly loses her mind. One of my favorite things she does is confuse little/fluffy dogs with cats. Usually their owners have a good sense of humor about it, because it probably isn't the first time the comparison has been made. It generally happens if they pick the dog up to hold it (usually smaller, more aggressive breeds when they aren't comfortable with the potential outcomes of a toddler love-attack). She'll start calling it a "meow meow." And suddenly she loves it even more. (as they are a more rare sighting, because people don't usually take a cat on a walk. Which is probably the same reason I am reluctant to take my toddlers on a walk. Except I do try to take my kids on walks. And am considering retractable child leashes. Not really, only kind of.)

I've included a couple videos of her freaking out about cats. The first, is her visibly upset that the neighbors cat ran into the backyard, as she yells, "ARE YOU?" until Hannah distracts her with a ball thrown at a fake/cheap spider to test whether it will "gobble her ball up." (hooray!) The second, is her freaking out about an inflatable black cat on the roof of the Wildflower Center. I didn't capture the initial, "MEOW MEOW!" expressions of love, but caught the demands/instructions for the cat to get down, now. 



  1. Oh this reminds me of all the Christmases I desperately pleaded with Santa for a kitten and never got one. My dad was allergic, but I thought, Santa could make this magic happen.

    1. That is the saddest Christmas story ever! I feel like I need to get Maggie a kitten for Christmas now to somehow balance this injustice in the universe.

    2. It's okay; there was plenty of other Santa magic and I had 2 dogs, one of which had puppies. So plenty of puppies to go around and I still have never had a cat.

    3. What? Baby puppies?! Sympathy revoked! :)