Sunday, September 30, 2012

Popsicles and observations

I might have given the girls a popsicle before dinner. But they still ate their dinner, so I think we're gonna be okay here. In non-popsicle-related news, Hannah is crazy observant. Last week we were at the doctor's office getting family flu shots, and she pointed at a picture of Mickey and said, "his buttons are wrong, his buttons aren't yellow." I'm like, what? what buttons? (this observation thing is likely not from me) She said, "There! his buttons should be white." And we Googled, and darn it, she was right (at least on Mickey Mouse Club House, I can't vouch for old school versions of Mickey). And then we had some Hello Kitty stickers (that are supposed to keep mosquitoes away, but Maggie got a bug bite a good two inches from the sticker that she subsequently tried to eat, so I give them 1 of 5 stars) and Hannah said, "not that sticker! I want the one where she is sleeping!" I'm thinking, what the heck they are all the same, just take it! And she showed me  that some of them had Hello Kitty with her eyes opened, closed, and winking. So the bad news is, I probably need to stop telling myself she didn't notice when I yelled that bad word in the car. That one time. 


  1. Haha hopefully she didn't hear tt word. Cute photos btw :)