Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Have you guys heard Taylor Swift's new song, Ronan? She sang it at Stand Up to Cancer. I just think everybody should listen to it and let me know if it made you cry for like ten minutes straight too.

She co-wrote it with Ronan's mom. You can check out her blog here. Here is a quote from the blog that about made my heart just rip in two:
I watch everyone else in life with their beautiful kids. I sit and wonder to myself, do they know how lucky they are? How lucky they are to be able to just hold the hand of their little ones to cross the street? How lucky they are to deal with a tantrum or go through the terrible twos? Those people I watch from my new set of eyes are so unbelievably lucky.
Gah. I just need this reminder on an hourly basis sometimes.


  1. I had never heard this before. I loved it. She is such a talented writer. Thanks for sharing!

  2. wow, thanks for sharing laura. how beautiful


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