Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Finding Center

You know when you can't understand somebody and you say, "what?" and the person just keeps repeating the part you could hear? Over and over again? And also the person is three? And you are pulling her in a wagon? And there is lots of noisy traffic? And finally you just lose it? And you yell that you can't hear her and just wait till we get home! And then she makes a sad face. And then five seconds later, her little sister points to a car and yells, "Rarah!" (because she is convinced that any big, white car is her aunt Sarah's). And your three-year old yells (in an identical tone of voice to the one you used), "That is NOT Rarah!" And then her little sister makes a sad face and that enthusiasm for finding Rarah is replaced with sadness and shame and frustration and it is ALL YOUR FAULT.

You guys, this is hard. You can't just take stuff out on kids. They aren't like husbands or dogs. Just kidding, Cork and Junebug. But I need to remind myself to start taking a deep breath and using my gentle voice. Parenting would be a lot easier if I didn't have to discipline myself all the time too.


  1. Right? I've been working VERY hard the past week to change my tone w/ the kids and not get as frustrated. It's so hard. ((hugs)) you're a great mama!!!

    1. Thanks!! Let me know if you find any good strategies.